The comments by illustrious local politicians on the article “Sen. Eichorn faces backlash from Twitter video” about getting people back to work was predictable in the political microcosm. Never pass up a chance to politicize a crisis.

Since Albrect, Martin and Dolson made no mention of their concern for the unemployed, maybe they are being insensitive, demeaning, out of touch and giving northern Minnesota a bad name to the millions of people who lost their jobs in April creating the largest drop in payrolls since the great depression. Unemployment has surpassed the 10.8% record from 1982. Let’s not forget the government is also adding trillions of dollars more to the national debt; the largest one year jump in history.

Time once again for the wallets of future generations to open wide for the taxman who will advise when one dies to declare the pennies on their eyes. The board members of the Federal Reserve must be doing cartwheels of joy down those long, wide, intricately hand-carved Dalbergia boardroom tables over those numbers.

But no worries, politicians made sure that the plebeians of the country each have their $1,200 of the $2 trillion stim pack to carry them through these trying times in the manner plebeians have become accustomed to and the politicians can now go back to looting the U.S. Treasury. Better get out the big number tumbler and estimate how many new homeless there will be if and when this mess is over. How is a homeless program to be financed without people working?