We have found that our community has been forced to deal with a two-pronged global crisis. The combination of a global viral pandemic combined with a stock market that is reeling from an over-leveraged corporate debt bubble bursting has many of us scrambling to assemble a contingency plan.

I own a rental in the City of Bemidji. It has been a nice investment for my family, and I am willing to waive April's rent for my tenant during this time. I can afford it, and I also know that many other landlords could absorb this hit, as many of the renters in our town live on a month to month income. I am suggesting other landlords follow suit with a rent reduction or waiver of the rent for April. I think it's the right thing to do, and would ease the renting population’s minds during this trying time.

It would also be a gesture to the community that we are in this together, and we will get through it together, and emerge on the other side with a new perspective, a perspective that common decency to our fellow human is the only option forward, as the opposing alternative is not acceptable.