My wife and I have been taxpayers in this county, both personally and business wise, for more than 40 years. It really surprises me that people from outside our county, and living in our county are displeased that our county leaders voted to turn down immigrants from settling in our area.

My question to all of you displeased people is: How many of you are actually paying real estate taxes in this county? Because it's easy to condemn anyone for not helping others; however, that is not true with our county or many of the great people or businesses who operate or who live in Beltrami County.

However, it sometimes comes down to how many people can one county and taxpayers handle without saying to the actual taxpayers of this county: How many can we really support?

Maybe instead we should pay for extended services for some of the seniors or veterans who have lived in our county for 40, 50, 60 or more years. These people have paid more than their fair share of taxes and lives and perils of war for most of their life, yet I guess immigrants are more important?

I applaud our county commissioners who had the guts to pass this, and I guess some won't visit, but I believe more will.