Whatever happened to our freedom to vote no without retaliation?

Beltrami County was attacked by a left-bent social media mob priming up for the 2020 election, exactly what President Trump has experienced since taking office.

Hardly imaginable in America, virtue signaling from local left-leaning city officials and media, included the current Minnesota House majority leader whose initial reaction of quid pro quo, trading public funds for votes, walked it back only enough to publicly shame board voters not kowtowing to Democratic narratives.

Comments I read responding to the St. Paul Pioneer Press boycott article, supported Beltrami County, respected their vote, and indicated plans to visit and vacation in Beltrami County to experience the beauty, solitude and friendliness typical of life in a northern town.

Yet a slew of apologetic statements reminded me of President Obama’s symbolic attitudes and actions conjuring visions of him apologizing for being American. Then the commentary, (“Beltrami County vote sent the wrong kind of signal”) from the Bemidji Pioneer editors apologizing for what I interpreted as not doing more to introduce bias into their community speculated that the wrong message was sent by the vote? What message? You mean the narratives being spun by the left? Like the hurtful, condescending, immoral and repugnant views posted on social media every day? Wow.

Documented reactions after both Beltrami and St. Louis County’s refugee votes were vindictive attacks and threats for exercising voting rights, making visible lust for absolute control, all the trappings of government tyranny, the exact reason the Second Amendment was ratified, now spawning Second Amendment sanctuaries across the country.