I just want to take a moment to let you know how disappointed I am. A word that is becoming viral on social media regarding the Beltrami County Commissioners vote on refugee resettlement.

As a resident of Minnesota, I take pride in voting for those to represent me in the maze that is our government. I'm not sure I could navigate it myself.

However, I try my hardest to be educated and take my decision very seriously. I pick the representatives that I think will best vocalize my wishes.

Which brings me to this letter.

I will not say my political beliefs. Or argue why my beliefs are superior to someone else's. I don't think that is right. That's really the beauty of our country.

However, threatening to pull funding for a county that voted in a way you did not agree with is horrendous and frankly embarrassing.

Rep. Ryan Winkler is one of the faces of our beautiful state and he marred it with his selfish comment on Facebook.

The commissioner who requested the vote stated he did not want the state to assume his position. So he pushed to have the vote and the other commissioners agreed.

I praise that commissioner for making sure our voices are heard instead of sitting by idly and letting the decision be made for us. No matter what his political stance is, he stood up for the people.

I apologize that the vote did not go the way you wanted, Mr. Winkler.

But I am so proud of those commissioners for taking a stand and being the voice for their residents.