I could not believe the Bemidji photo and headline in the Jan. 8 Star Tribune, and next the Pioneer photo, then the Star Tribune’s Sack cartoon on Jan. 10.

Unless we are Native Americans we are all immigrants, even Paul Bunyan. We all came from divergent countries.

Where did this wrong information come from? We have access to ABC, NBC, CBS, public radio and public television.

President Trump's wife and mother-in-law, and many of his employees at his expensive hotels and golf clubs are immigrants. If this rumor had said people from Scandinavia, England or France, would there have been this vote?

Tourists will not come here and we need the business. The medical community, the college community need immigrants. A lie told 100 times is a lie the 100th time.

I have always been proud of our winter and summer activities, the symphony, choral groups, live theater, ski area and snowmobiling trails. Now I am ashamed of this notoriety.