I am writing in regard to the statement made in the Oct. 30 issue of the Pioneer (“Dollars for development: City reviews options for supporting Greater Bemidji, other entities”). Mayor Rita Albrecht stated to Greater Bemidji that the city has priorities that aren’t attractive, they need to work on contamination in our wells and have work to do on the wastewater treatment plan.

She wants Greater Bemidji to recognize the city is working on behalf of the constituents. That she is there for the bright, shiny objects, but also for the messy, heavy lifting.

I wonder why nothing has been done to help the residents of the Nymore area of Bemidji, where the city sewer backed up into several basements in May? This is an awful thing to happen to a home, but the city of Bemidji has denied its responsibility in this and the Nymore residents have been ignored.

The city has been contacted by residents in this area but the city seems to deny any help. They say it is not their fault. This is a very messy, nasty situation with no help from our Mayor Rita Albrecht. How sad.