A letter writer asks for President Trump’s failings. ("Look at Trump’s record, not the man," July 28) How much space do I have?

Rolled back protections for students from predatory loan practices. Got rid of the fiduciary law and protections for workers. Continues to separate children (CHILDREN) from their parents and put them in cages, causing lifelong trauma. His name calling and racist remarks correlates with an increase in violent crime, especially hate crimes. The U.S. was forced to pull a high ranking operative (spy) after Trump revealed highly classified information to the Russians.

He has replaced scientists with industry hacks and put limits on research. Research is what has made the USA the envy of the world with our cutting-edge medicine, science and technology. He ignores climate science and gives perks to dirty, old technology while the world surpasses us in new cleaner technology and energy. Fewer safety checks to prevent offshore oil spills and water contamination from fracking.

We have beautiful clean water in northern Minnesota. It won't be forever if we don't protect it. He's rolling back protections for water, air and safety. He made it legal to use lead ammunition, which causes lead poisoning in predators like our beautiful bald eagles. Trump stopped an environmental review on a sulfide mine in Minnesota. This is in our backyard! Do you think he cares about your front yard? No he cares about his billionaire buddies (the mine owner) and money at the expense of our health and the environment. He wants to open the Grand Canyon to uranium mining and ordered the largest rollback of land protection of National Monuments in history. Do you enjoy our beautiful protected lands? Then you better step up and help protect them. He's done nothing about Russian interference in our elections (he actually said he didn't care). His volatile, chaotic economic dealings has many experts worrying he could help send the world into a recession. And now trying to coerce a foreign government to work with him against his political opponent. That's illegal.

In science, if you stand up and say something that you know isn't true, it is a career-ending move. It used to be that way in politics. If you have to lie to get your way, you are a failure. Trump lies like he breathes. And he deserves the negative attacks on his character.