Line 3 has been in the spotlight for over four years. The question is, why hasn't this been built?

The only thing I can figure out is there is a handful of people that are opposed to the construction of Line 3. Why? For some reason, these people are on TV, newspapers and radio! Staged media? I have always wondered how you can take off from work and be in a protest? How do you have the media televise your protest? Well, I guess you call the media up and tell them what you plan on doing. Let's make the news! Again, the working class of Minnesota just can't take the time to do this. So where are these protestors from, and are they getting paid?

If the majority of Minnesota people had the time to voice their opinion, Line 3 would have been built. If our politicians are looking out for Minnesota residents and what is best for the state, it would have been built.

We have many existing pipeline and pipeline companies in Minnesota. All proven safe. For some reason, the other companies can do projects with no opposition. Why is this?

It just makes me wonder why this project has reached this level of opposition? So, then you have to ask yourself, who is going to benefit by delaying this project? It is not a Minnesota resident. So again, we are talking about someone or a group of people that benefit by delaying this project. I do not know, but by delaying this project, would that mean they are making more money? In the meantime, Minnesota residents are suffering.

In general, everything over its life starts to deteriorate and often time it needs to be replaced. The technology that is out there for monitoring the pipelines is unbelievable. There is no safer way to transport this commodity.

The Line 3 project should have already been built. Enbridge is a proven company for its safety and being compliant with all the rules and regulations.

We, as Minnesota residents, need to stand up for companies that are willing to invest in a project like Line 3 and any other companies willing to invest in the growth of the state of Minnesota.