My wife and I retired from the Twin Cities and moved to our lake home, which we owned for 20 years in the Bemidji area in June 2018. We spent 44 years in the workforce. We both held professional positions in our careers. It was our dream to finally move up here to live out a quality retirement in a beautiful setting.

Bemidji has a great deal to be proud to offer people who wish to make this move either before retirement, while they are still in their prime productive years, or after retirement. Good people, great airport, fabulous medical facilities, an outstanding event center, a superb university in BSU, good shopping, etc.

If you had asked our friends in the Twin Cities if they would retire up here, most would ask, “How are you going to handle those long hard winters up there?” Honestly, this past winter was a challenge, even though we were fortunate to be able to have gone south for a month. What is missing in Bemidji is a fully functional community center that offers a healthy environment for families to go to during the long winter. In the Twin Cities, all the communities who have invested in a community center have seen young families use them and it is a great attraction for people who wish to live a quality life.

From doing a little research, it appears Bemidji had a proposal that was supported by Sanford Health that would have built a state-of-the-art community center and was supported by the business community in how it was going to be funded. The business community saw the need and the incredible asset it would be to the entire community. It would truly also be a big draw for people who would look at Bemidji as a place to relocate that would offer a quality of life they would want for themselves and their families.

Can this discussion to build a new community center be put back on the table with the Bemidji City Council?

We would be willing to help in any way we can.