It is time to replace Line 3 in Minnesota.

The amount of positive research collected, along with the factual evidence, shows an overwhelming reason to move forward. It is 60-years-old, and like all aging infrastructure, needs to be replaced. Line 3 will enrich our economy and help protect our beautiful land.

By beginning construction, our business, along with many other local businesses, will prosper and we will be able to offer more jobs and higher wages to our employees. Personally and professionally, we rely on the economic boom that Line 3 will bring to this area. It is clearly the safest, most efficient way to transport oil.

We are lucky enough to have a length of the pipeline running near our property and every year we are able to plant alfalfa and harvest a crop of thick, nutrient-rich hay for our livestock granted to us via the pipeline right-of-way. Pollinating bees, birds, and other wildlife utilize the hayfields and portions of native grasses to live. We rest easy knowing oil is safely and efficiently flowing under our feet, while many other benefits are reaped on the surface.

So what is the hold up? The negative affect some believe Line 3 will have on the land? Once the backhoes and dozers have left and the land has been filled, smoothed and seeded, it is a beautiful piece of lush land. There is no paved parking lot or towering building. It is, and always will be, a sustainable stretch of land for our ecosystem to thrive upon. The employees of Line 3 take pride in their work. Not only do they ensure the safe assembly of the pipeline, they leave the land in pristine condition. So if you see a ‘pipeliner’ today, thank them!

The numerous benefits of replacing Line 3, and the extensive research done, prove that it is time to move forward with the project. Please join us and the thousands of other proud Minnesotans to get Line 3 passed and in the ground.