So let me get this straight: a large group of respected Bemidji businesses, nonprofit and public leaders privately submit a 22-page personnel complaint to our mayor and City Council, and our mayor and City Council won’t even do a private, independent investigation into their concerns?

What are they hiding? What are they concerned it will find? It’s private after all.

Something smells.

Mayor Rita Albrecht and councilors Michael Meehlhause, Nancy Erickson and Emelie Rivera have some explaining to do. Our city is off the rails. As councilor Mike Beard has shared, dysfunction has found its way to our city government.

Time for us “Luddites” to unite and get our city back on course. Thank you to councilors Beard, Ron Johnson and Jim Thompson for representing the citizens of Bemidji.

Waldhausen is a former Bemidji City Council member.