The Deans of the National Cathedral in Washington, where Martin Luther King preached his last sermon and which has been the religious setting for so many important national events, have issued a condemnation of Trump's hate speech and policies as antagonistic to the values of this country and inimical to the foundational values of the Christian faith.

There is a separation of church and state in America, but the National Cathedral comes as close as is possible to the kind of symbiotic relationship with the American people as is found in England between the Anglican Church and the British nation.

The Deans of the Cathedral have never before spoken out so clearly and unequivocally against a president, and by implication, a party that supports him. And this was before the shootings in El Paso made it the latest manifestation of the white nationalist movement which has been fostered and abetted by Donald Trump even before the events in Charlottesville, Va.

The collocation of guns, God (or the idol which has replaced the Judeo-Christian tradition), and white supremacy have now formed an unholy alliance which is tantamount to the fascism that defiled Europe in the 1930s and 40s of the 20th Century.

Twenty dead and 26 wounded in El Paso in a week in which two other mass shooting events occurred is but one in a series of national disgraces. Trump, now totally cynical about the American people and their willingness to swallow any outrage, complacently observed of the latest shooting in Odessa, Texas, "it could have been worse." Are these the words of a president -- or indeed of any human being with a grain of decency?

There is a crisis in this nation which goes beyond the norms of political gamesmanship. Semi-assault weapons must be taken off the street, guns must be registered and background checks must be universal and thorough. The hate-filled rhetoric of the regime that virtually accepts child sacrifice as the status quo, now controls three branches of our government. They must be unequivocally repudiated by the American people. If that repudiation is not forthcoming then those who remain loyal in their support of Trump in spite of his white supremacist following will be remembered for their indifference to crimes that make each new school year a trauma for our children and every mass murder a judgement on this nation.