Thank you Bemidji.

That doesn’t nearly tell the story of how grateful I am for the nearly three years we’ve spent together. I came to this town a total stranger from central Texas, and through the time I have spent here, you have all been so kind to me and made me feel like one of you. The second day I was here I called an exhibition basketball game between the BSU Beaver women and North Dakota State University on the radio, and now today I will co-host “High Noon” with my dear friends Joel Hoover and Scott Williams for the final time, and through it all, you the listeners, and the city of Bemidji have been wonderful to me.

I’ve been given wonderful opportunities in my time here. From being the “Voice of Beaver Basketball” on the radio to being the “Voice of the Sanford Center” for Beaver women’s hockey this past season, along with my work for Bemidji High School Lumberjack athletics, I have enjoyed every moment of it, and I sincerely hope you could hear, through my broadcasts and announcing, that I was having the time of my life out there.

I’m grateful to a lot of people as I write this. Mark Ricci and Roger Paskvan gave me an opportunity that I’d never had before, an opportunity to broadcast an NCAA sport for an entire season. In that season, I met so many wonderful people. From the players to the coaches, of which coach Chelsea DeVille and coach Mike Boschee are still here building their programs. I’m grateful to Brian Schultz, who helped guide me along how to make a broadcast sound professional from a technical aspect.

I’m grateful to Kev Jackson and Kristie Jacobsen. They gave me a way back into radio after six months away in allowing me to join this family that is Paul Bunyan Broadcasting. Moreover, they have allowed me to do so many different tasks at the station, an invaluable experience really. I’m grateful to Scott and Hoov for allowing me to live out another lifelong dream by co-hosting a daily sports talk show with them.

I also met my fiance here in Bemidji, and that far surpasses anything that I’ll ever do professionally. As we head off for South Dakota, my final message is this: Thank You Bemidji, for helping make my dreams come true.

We’ll talk very soon!

BJ Walters