Recently an opinion letter captioned "Politicians excel at doublespeak" (Pioneer, April 17) expressed concerns in response to a Pioneer report (April 8) that reminded readers of Matt Bliss' effective support of funding for Bemidji's veterans home and for BSU.

The author raised questions of where the money comes from, and whether it comes from Heaven. He further suggested that Bliss uses deceptive language in order to confuse the public on this issue.

If a fifth-grader was asked these questions, the reply might be "Ask Mr. Bliss." So I did just that. I called Bliss and asked him. He spent 20 minutes explaining the accounting to me. Seems that asking Bliss was a good way to get an answer.

Another way to get such answers is to follow public legislative record of one's elected representative's activities in session. Still other ways include checking their website or Facebook page, subscribing to their newsletter or reading the Pioneer.

Accurate, transparent information is readily available from Bliss and other sources. Evidently, any perception of double-speak or deceptive language here would be purely imaginary.

Dave Bahr