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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The hypocrisy runs deep in the state capitol

In the March 17 edition of the Bemidji Pioneer, the following quote appeared:

"They kind of promised that we would explore this, we would have a statewide conversation, we would see the best way to go. They failed on that," Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz told the Pioneer Press. "They chose and already knew the outcome."

Walz was directing his comment at the members of the Minnesota State Senate regarding the legalization of recreational marijuana. Walz is quite supportive of this. Thankfully, the conservative-led Senate realized how ridiculous this was. The pot smoking bill included money to train police officers how to spot vehicle drivers that were under the influence of pot. You just can't make this stuff up. It appears to me that Walz will have to find another tax revenue stream to fund his pet projects and expand his voter base.

After reading his comments, it immediately brought to mind another article I recently read concerning Walz and his proposed budget. Buried deep in it was funding for anti-gun legislation that isn't even a law. In fact, the budget line item is for two bills that have not cleared both chambers of the Legislature. It appears they won't pass because the common sense members of the Senate refuse to pass bills that would turn honest citizens into felons.

Isn't it amazing how Gov. Walz whines about not getting his "statewide conversation" for smoking pot just for the fun of it (this was not for medical reasons) but yet includes anti-gun funding for "laws" that don't exist?

Indeed, the hypocrisy that oozes from his office runs deep.

Stuart Olson