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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Gov. Walz, we have to talk

Dear Gov. Walz,

If you don't mind, I will just call you Tim. OK?

Tim, Minnesota Democrats have been having a rough time lately. Why? Well, for starters you announced that you wanted to add 20 cents to each gallon of gas to raise $59 million because our roads are in terrible shape.

Tim, I agree about the road conditions, but why don't you just get the money from the $500 billion surplus. You know that voters vote with their pocketbook, and there are those of us who know that we would become the fourth-highest gas tax state. Tim, think this through! Second, your friend, sharp Minnesota DFL U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar supports the ending of the use of fossil fuels in the next decade. Might not be a bad idea. Politicians could spend a lot more time in their districts and we would have fewer legislative bills. Third, a local liberal person, whom you probably don't know, is calling for the stopping of the Enbridge pipeline. She is using the old liberal ploy that Republicans seem to not mind dirty water. Maybe you should suggest to her that Republicans should also throw grandma off the cliff. Just kiddin.'

Tim, I voted for you because I thought that you were the best candidate. I still do. And, I hope that you will model yourself more like the late H.H. Humphrey and Walter Mondale.

Your friend,

Fulton Gallagher, Bemidji.