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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: There are oil products in everything we use

This is in response to Tim Mengelkoch's letter to the editor (Jan. 4) , "Did protesters ‘leave the oil in the soil’ themselves?"

In the United States there are literally oil products in everything we commonly use. It's in our medicines, plastics, foods, tires for our cars, the cars themselves, even in the electric cars Mr. Mengelkoch refers to, in the roads we drive on, in our clothes, it's in our pesticides and fertilizers; there is no way to avoid it, the list goes on. We depend far too much on oil.

Oil is in our politics and economics. Oil companies spent $99,341,774 in lobbying efforts in 2018 for laws and regulations that favor the oil corporations.

You can't accuse anyone of hypocrisy simply because there is no way for them to avoid doing what you accuse them of.

Leave the oil in the soil.

Curtis Folstrom