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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Judge’s ruling sanctions acts of vandalism

In recent months, regarding the arrest of anti-oil pipeline protester/vandals near Clearbrook, Bemidji and Duluth, we have witnessed an alarming judicial spectacle, in various courtroom locations.

The judge for the Clearbrook “valve turners” trial dismissed the case, where defense lawyers had intended to present the “necessity defense” concept for their clients. These cases have nothing to do with the necessity defense and everything to do with criminal behavior and legal nonsense. Besides, these thugs and their lawyers traveled thousands of miles (not by walking) both to the pipeline location and to court.

With reference to the Bemidji court proceedings as stated in a Jan. 2 letter to the editor in the Pioneer, the anti-pipeline incident defendants were given (by the judge), small fines which could be “repaid” by community service for an organization such as Honor the Earth. Unbelievable. So, by that line of thought, that skunk which was apprehended while attacking a flock of chickens would be sentenced to work off his obligation by performing community service at night inside the hen house. This is beyond stupidity.

The wrong-headed courts are enabling, encouraging and sanctioning these vandals, but the people who are holding down jobs and paying taxes are being told to suck it up and keep on funding this disgraceful scenario.

It erodes the founding principles which have made America the most innovative, premier nation on earth, and makes a mockery of the working folks like myself and the law enforcement people who are trying to maintain an orderly society.

Bernie Uran