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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Choose compassion, understanding and humanity

I routinely say that some of the scariest places on earth are found in the comments section of social media. I've been pondering on how do we come to a position with different posts, articles and opinions shared on this forum and others.

I'm concerned that we are leaving the humanity out of what we are reading. Are we just looking at a screen, processing the information we are reading, running it through our own perspective and life experiences and then coming to a decision in a matter of moments, most of which we have none of the facts?

Why is it so easy to take the human element out of what we are commenting on? Do we ask ourselves what it must be like to be homeless, addicted, broken, a different race, a different political party, a different economical status?

I'm convinced that once we take the human element out of the conversations on here, at the "water cooler," in our churches or respective spiritual gatherings, then we lose compassion. Compassion for our neighbor, for the one who is struggling in our community; whether it's someone just trying to pay the bills, raise their kids alone or overcome the demon of addiction.

You have heard it said that "it is someone's brother, son, sister or daughter," but it can be a couple of bad choices away from being your own brother, sister, son or daughter … or even you.

Please, today choose compassion, choose understanding, choose to tear down your fence and use the wood to build a longer table. You will find out that we have more in common than we ever realized.

Adam Molina