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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Law enforcement officers have thankless, dangerous jobs

I wonder how long it will be before there will be zero candidates pursuing law enforcement careers?

According to the Dec. 1 Pioneer story about the fatal shooting of the armed 34-year-old man, it was dark. An alert officer stopped a car containing a recognized felony suspect. Fortunately, another officer provided backup.

As it turned out, the suspect had a gun and as is nearly always the case: failed to comply with officer requests. The suspect created the problem. Period. Regardless, it was a tragedy for all involved, and for our status as a civilized nation.

As a citizen, I am not willing to support what has become routine disregard for laws and reasonable conduct which often results in clashes with law enforcement personnel. Anarchy is defined as an absence or denial of authority or order, and that seems to be a common theme of many recent protests.

Of course there had to be a protest gathering. These groups don’t want equal treatment. They want special treatment.

I support our law enforcement personnel as they do their often thankless and dangerous jobs. All in all, they do a great job, and I thank them for it.

Bernie Uran