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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Freedom, choice and competition are usually good things

Too often our medical care system performs poorly and does not serve citizens well with quality affordable care.

Fear tactics have been used this past month with multi-million dollar non-candidate entities sending untrue and inflammatory mailers indicating some of our leaders do not care about making medical insurance as affordable and as available as possible to all. Those mailers fail to

tell the voters that USA medical care is ranked 37th in the world but that the cost of medical care in the USA is more than double other countries who have better health care outcomes. You can Google the World Health Organization to check these figures.

Many premium dollars go to insurance companies where the CEO of Minnesota's United Health Care (Stephen Hemsley) has received total compensation of about $300 million from 2010 through 2017. That is about $37.5 million per year and does not include many other upper management United Health officers who also receive outrageous multi-million-dollar compensation packages each year. Then these insurers tell us that they need to raise premiums, copays and deductibles because they need more of our money. That is not fair play or reasonable compensation. And they never see a patient.

My understanding is that this fall Minnesota voters have the choice of putting in place a

government which gives them the option of buying into MinnesotaCare which is essentially Minnesota's version of Medicare for all. If you want to keep your private medical insurance you are free to do so. If you want to try MinnesotaCare you can do so and enjoy the much-needed savings. The Minnesota citizen gets to choose. Isn't that what freedom is all about?

The private vs. public system can be compared after several years to see which is better.

The Affordable Care Act of 2010 requires that people with pre-existing conditions not be discriminated against in the health insurance marketplace. Some of the insurance lobby also wants to get rid of that part of the ACA which protects us all. Please don't let unjustified fear convince you to vote for reinstating the very harmful discriminatory failed policies of the past.

Please vote for positive changes and savings to the people of Minnesota by supporting candidates who will do their best to make medical insurance more affordable and improve current medical care for all Minnesotans. I think we all agree that freedom, choice and competition are usually good things.

Mark Rodgers