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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Commentator would do well to study Cronkite

I read with interest Margaret Sullivan's commentary on climate change in Wednesday’s Bemidji Pioneer. While it was a very well written, her comment at the end was very disconcerting to me and quite indicative of how our media today thinks. Ms. Sullivan wrote, “Just as the smartest minds in earth science have issued their warning, the best minds in media should be giving sustained attention to how to tell this most important story in a way that will create change.”

Seems, Ms. Sullivan, that you think it is your job/responsibility to give me the news that you want me to have so that I will think in similar ways to you.

I believe. Ms. Sullivan, it might do you some good to go back and pull some of Walter Cronkite's broadcasts. He believed in giving the news as it was and letting his viewers form their own opinions. You would do well to acquire that skill. After all, we folks here in the fly-over states are quite capable of reading, understanding and forming our own opinions on the events happening in this world.

Ron Jedlicka