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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: I hope Trump’s critics are wrong. Don’t you?

Well, our economy continues to roar ahead. The September jobs report Oct. 5 showed that the jobless rate has decreased to 3.7 percent, with Minnesota leading the way with a 2.9 percent jobless rate.

This jobless rate decrease is the lowest in 49 years and the hourly wage growth has accelerated to a 3.3 percent increase over the past six months. Of course, the critics of Mr. Trump's successful economic policies will say that Mr. Obama deserves some or most of the credit. I wonder what they would be saying if our economy was in a tailspin?

Further, Mr. Trump's replacement of NAFTA with new economic policies with Mexico and Canada should prove to be a boom for all three countries, hopefully. But, others will say, not so fast. Just wait and see. Gee, I hope they are wrong. Don't you?

Fulton Gallagher