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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Driving the country over the edge of an abyss

After all that has happened and continues to happen since the last election, it is evident that many adherents to the GOP and followers of Trump are, like the gadarene swine of Biblical lore, driving themselves and this nation over the edge of an abyss. Consisting chiefly of white, nominally "Christian" males, they have turned patriotism and its symbols into emblems of oppression, pollution, bigotry and desecration: oppression of children torn from their parents and placed in detention centers; pollution of the environment as the last few EPA regulations are abrogated and storms of unprecedented fury inundate our coasts; bigotry against women and people of color or of non-Christian faiths who threaten the sovereignty of men who think themselves entitled to power over the lives of others; desecration of our democratic institutions as the press and the law are falsely accused of the very things Trump and his cohorts engage in daily -- lying to the American people and distorting facts vital to our national survival.

We now have in the Kavanaugh hearings an epitome of the rape mentality of this country: a judge supported by Republican misogynists who in the face of a credible accusation by a woman of intelligence, poise, probity and integrity could only react by ignoring her testimony, responding (most especially on the part of Kavanaugh and Lindsey Graham) with unparalleled ferocity and vituperation to the allegations, and -- threatened in their bastions of male privilege -- arguing that Dr. Ford was mistaken in her memory and, in any case, is an unwitting pawn in a political scheme concocted by liberal Democrats.

By contravening Dr. Ford's searing testimony, Kavanaugh and his Republican supporters have essentially injured her anew; moreover, Kavanaugh's distempered rhetoric and partisan rants reveal his unfitness for any judicial appointment.

If America does not awaken to these and so many other depredations and respond in decisive numbers at the voting booth, then we fear for the future of a country where all three branches of government are controlled by a single party with totalitarian intentions and nothing more noble to advance than the will to power -- at any cost.

Stephen and Karen Gurney