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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Lions serve community in many ways

A few weeks ago the Bemidji Pioneer honored me with an article about my receiving the prestigious “50 Member” award from Lions Club International. Basically, what this means is that I recruited and sponsored 50 new individuals from the community as they joined the Bemidji Lions Club.

So how should I say thank you to the 50 men and women who joined and became Lions? Do I say thank you to the community, which supports Lionism and shows their support and appreciation for what Lions do?

If anyone in the area is thinking about helping the community and doing it within a group, I invite you to come to one of our Wednesday noon meetings at the Eagles Club. You will be welcomed and can gain insight as to what we do and how we serve.

If you have any questions, call me at 586-2220. We can talk about what it is to be a Lion. Again, let me thank each of those 50 members I sponsored and are now serving as Lions. Without them, one and all, there would be no award.

Jack Naastad