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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Officer, store manager praised for helping children

On Wednesday, during the rain, three young children wandered into the Lueken's Village Foods South grocery store. They were coatless, and one had no shoes. When approached and questioned by an employee, they burst into tears. They were cold, wet and very frightened. The store manager took them back to the deli, got them pancakes, sat them down in the dining area, and called the police department.

An officer arrived, and the children were still crying and scared. As the manager put it, the officer was absolutely awesome. In gentleness, he was able to settle the children down and got them talking. One of the children was very inquisitive, asking about the officer's various items on his belt, etc. The officer was patient and accommodating, explaining everything. He was able to determine and resolve what was going on with the children.

Thank you, Officer William Beise. Your actions made a lot of fans at Lueken's South, including the employees and three frightened children. Thanks for keeping us all safe.

Don Kirchner