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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Would welcome endorsement

“Bemidji teachers union to consider School Board endorsements” (Sept. 20) describes upcoming interviews and potential endorsements of candidates by the Bemidji Education Association. As a school board candidate, I wanted to thank you for reporting an important component of the school board election process and, more broadly, your consistent and conscientious coverage of educational issues in the greater Bemidji area.

Your writer states that I could not be reached for comment. Any communication difficulties were likely due to the fact that I was commemorating the Jewish Day of Atonement in Duluth, but I’d like to take this opportunity to address his questions and share my thoughts with you and your readers.

I’m a strong advocate of workers’ rights. I was a proud union member for nearly 20 years as a municipal employee and, in my current role, frequently extol the many ways organized labor has benefited the people of northern Minnesota. Indeed, the correlation between the decline of union membership and the increase in pay disparity and other troubling workplace indicators is stark. For those reasons and more, I look forward to engaging with association leaders on strategies incorporating the needs of faculty and staff with those of our learners, and would be honored to receive their endorsement of my candidacy.

Gary Rozman