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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Legion Auxiliary continues to support troops, veterans

The American Legion and the Auxiliary was founded 100 years ago to support troops that were deployed, veterans who were home and those who were injured during the great world wars. However, we continue to support any troop or veterans who are home from all the wars; Vietnam, Korea, Gulf Storm and the ones that continue today.

We support Fisher House, a place where the families of injured veterans can stay for free while their loved one heals. We provide money for a $5 shower for veterans in the hospital, we donate for holiday gifts program that allows a veteran to pick out gifts for family members. We support the serviceman's center, the Brain Science Foundation and forgotten children’s fund.

Back when the great wars began the American Legion Auxiliary evolved out of women who cared to support our troops overseas and those who came home wounded physically and mentally. It has grown into a worldwide organization. Many of our ladies have been members for more than 70 years, giving of themselves tirelessly with honor and strength.  However, many cannot continue to give of their time because of their age. Over the years many joined when their husbands became members of the American Legion.

We continue to support troops and veterans from any war in the past and those currently fighting. We would like to see the wives of the current members of the American Legion join the Auxiliary. We would like to have younger members join the Auxiliary and help us redirect our goals and help more veterans who are coming home. We have had people come in and state we are not vibrant enough; we challenge anyone who feels that way to come back to the unit and help us get that vibrancy back.  We invite you to attend one of our upcoming meetings at 5 p.m. on Sept. 10 and Oct. 1 at the Bemidji Eagles Club to help us with our future.

We are here to support all veterans and we want them to know we are here to help in any capacity we can.

Martha Schmidt, Bemidji, is first vice president of American Legion Auxiliary, Ralph Gracie Post 14.