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Pioneer updates endorsement letter policy

Beginning later this week, the Bemidji Pioneer will treat election endorsement letters as paid political content. Campaigns and political supporters can still have them published, but for a nominal fee.

To place an endorsement letter content, you may go to, click on “Political Letters,” and follow the prompts. Or, at the Pioneer’s home page,, click on “OPINION,” then on “SUBMIT A POLITICAL LETTER” to follow the prompts.

The fee for placing a personal endorsement is $15 for up to the first seven column inches (about 125 words). Each additional column inch (about 25 words per inch) is $10. You can write your own headline at the website.

The paid letters will be published weekly, on Sundays in the Pioneer, and will be clearly marked as “PAID POLITICAL LETTERS.” They will appear on the page adjacent to the Opinion page.

The deadline each week will be 5 p.m. on Thursdays.

This applies only to political endorsements or non-endorsements. Letters to the editor on matters of current public debate — letters that truly contribute to the critical community conversations we need to be having — will continue to be accepted and considered for publication the same way they always have been. Letters to the editor in the Pioneer are limited to 400 words. The best way to submit a letter is by email, to

Note: Some letters on this page would be considered paid political content, but we are publishing them today because they were submitted prior to this policy change.