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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Early election results discourage voter participation

I have a question. Why do we hear state, local and national “election results” before those ballots have even been brought to the county to be tallied with the absentee ballots? Who makes the decision to report these totals to the state and national media?

As small township election judges we do our best from 6:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. to prepare to welcome voters and complete our tasks on election days. We cheer when a new voter shows up to register and enjoy kibitzing with those voters we may only see at election times.

It’s disturbing, while taking in the last hour of voters, to receive word from someone’s smart phone that “so and so” just conceded, when that’s the person you just voted for. When we lived in Alaska it was even more discouraging when we voted in the 1977 national election because the results were broadcast four hours before our polls closed. Kind of makes folks feel their votes don’t count -- why bother? Anybody have an answer for me?

With our brand new registration and ballot machines and great early absentee voter opportunities, why not eliminate the chances of discouraging voter participation or missing ballots until all the votes are in, instead of counting on percentages?

Judy Dvorak