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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Think about your choices this election season

The election season has arrived. Choices will be made. Here are some statistics regarding life and death for unborn infants:

  • In Minnesota, 10,177 abortions (deaths) took place last year, a 3 percent increase since 2015. Planned Parenthood performed a record high of 6,234 abortions in 2017 (that’s 61 percent of the state’s market).
  • Overall abortions have dropped in Minnesota by 21 percent, but Planned Parenthood has increased its abortions by 58 percent over the same period. Wonder what the strength of that market is on their bottom line?
  • “I am the only senator who has worked with Planned Parenthood,” said Tina Smith. She is “very proud” of her work there -- ending lives of 6,234 human beings in Minnesota. Are you?

    Think about your choices.

    Angela Krigbaum