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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Walz understands needs in education

Tim Walz, father of two and a former teacher, is running for governor in the Aug. 14 primary in order to deliver real results that can help every family in all corners of Minnesota. It starts with fixing the inequities in our education system and ensuring that every student, regardless of their zip code, is prepared to succeed and thrive in an increasingly globalized economy.

Everything begins with the foundation, literally.  Tim has put forth a plan to rebuild, repair and modernize our crumbling schools, something that should be a given in today’s age, but has too often been connected to property taxes, forcing communities with low property wealth to forgo needed repairs and updates.  Children shouldn’t have to learn algebra in classrooms that leak from the ceiling when it rains or study their geography in cold classrooms because the old furnace is acting up. Furthermore, repairs and fixes cannot be the lone goal, we must strive to make schools the wonders of our communities with technology upgrades, a diverse curriculum where learning and innovation knows no bounds, and recruiting (and retaining) the best teachers complimented with adequate support staff (like school counselors and equity coaches).

Tim’s plan has our students starting early as much of their brain development occurs before even stepping foot in a classroom.  His plan would expand the Child Care Assistance Program in order to help needy families afford quality early childhood (birth to 3) options as well as having access to great pre-K options that are aligned with your local school district’s curriculum.

Speaking of curriculum, Tim wants to see less “teaching to the test” and more offering options that spark the interests of students while also preparing them for the global economy.  The need to diversify the curriculum offered in our schools is real and will help level the playing field for students whose success cannot be measured by a standardized test. All of this cannot be possible with a classroom full of 40 kids, so a top priority of Tim’s will be reducing the size of the classroom so that student’s get the one-on-one time with their teachers to ensure they’re progressing and learning the material.  Through Walz’s “One Minnesota Education Plan” we can continue and expand upon the Minnesota Miracle with a world-class education for all of our kids! Vote Tim Walz for governor in the Aug. 14 primary.

Ross Dybvig