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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Community members saw a need and acted on it

I would like to express a sincere appreciation of and thank you to those who have supported the Bemidji Area Schools Food Service Angel Fund. The awareness of the Angel Fund has brought an insight to the need to feed children and the responsibility and commitment of doing that. An ongoing effort and private/public collaboration have been established because of community members who saw the need and acted.

I want to acknowledge Paige Marshall and Emmy Prince for coordinating the successful 5K event with many sponsors and much support from area businesses and community members. Their ambition produced a successful 5K that will continue annually as well as opened the door for ongoing support from Sanford Health of Northern Minnesota with the No Hungry Kids collaboration.

The result of this effort will relieve unpaid meal debt for many families. Food Services of America salesperson Shayna Lacroix, driver David Fleck and FSA came alongside the Bemidji Angel Fund 5K to organize a fundraiser and provide a meal for 5K participants. The Angel Fund has also been or currently is funded by alumni of Bemidji Area Schools, Lincoln Elementary PTO, community members, the local Eagles organization, parents of current students and Bemidji Area Schools district staff members.

Tammie Colley, Bemidji, is Food & Nutrition Services Coordinator for Bemidji Area Schools.