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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Arguing, stonewalling not an answer to problems

I have become deeply concerned over the recent viciousness experienced in the politics of this country. The recent incident involving the country’s press secretary bring asked to leave an eating establishment because of her position and political affiliation underlined the vitriol present in everyday interaction among America’s population.

One of the reasons for this is the increasing baiting and ridiculing of politicians and the fanning of the flames by the media on both sides. We may not like Trump, but he is acting in the interest of America. The immigration issue is not new and both sides can claim fault. But arguing and stonewalling is not an answer; neither is using the issue as political gamesmanship.

The present climate fairly represents the views of the parties and possibly not that of the electorate. The midterms may help guide the country, but not if our representatives cannot come together and solve problems rather than exacerbating them with name calling, ridiculous tweets and leaks that do no one any good.

God bless America and those who love her and serve.

Charles W. Smith