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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: We need a healthy community, not a contaminated one

Is it community goodwill, because Enbridge thinks we owe them Line 3? I write this letter to talk about what Enbridge really brings to this community. Is it really community goodwill when they donate money for bike trails and benches, and replace old firefighter equipment in exchange for a community's “loyalty” to Line 3?

With their advertisements and radio commercials they claim to be good neighbors and also mention they work with Native American communities. Much of what Enbridge claims doesn't seem to ring true; no amount of one's money can change the truth.

Is it really community goodwill when Enbridge thinks we owe them in exchange by allowing them their new Line 3 and leaving existing Line 3 in the ground? Existing Line 3 will rot away and contaminate the soil and nearby watersheds. What's wrong with them to think they can leave a mess behind?

The alternate route, not the existing Line 3, is their preferred route. Enbridge wants a return on investment for their charitable community contributions and lobbies $5 million on top of that to get want they want, so the pressure is on.

Many mayors, city and county officials, politicians, state reps, subcontractors, and fire departments are bought off or employed under “donated” dollars. City officials and fire departments are told to hush and support Enbridge because "they replace fire department equipment and donate to the community." Enbridge should update fire department equipment for the fires that they may and probably will cause in our communities.

Enbridge has publicly stated they work with Native American communities. How so? By excluding a Native American cultural EIS (environmental impact study) in their final EIS? Minnesota state representatives are also trying to greenlight bills to circumvent the Public Utilities Commission. Enbridge supports these bills and has done nothing to prevent this circumventing of the law on their own behalf, because they encourage these bills. Enbridge feels that by giving a few of our Native American citizens a job they are working with Native American communities. Five Minnesota tribes oppose Line 3. “No” means “no.” Enbridge needs to respect that and our treaties.

Local citizens and organizations should be included in the dialog. We are a fabric of this community. We need a healthy community, not a contaminated one.

One last thing: Enbridge is suing counties for back taxes. What a good neighbor.

Enbridge is really nothing but leaky pipes and lies.

Nancy Beaulieu, Bemidji, is Northern Minnesota Organizer for