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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Most of us can choose who delivers our energy

I'd like to qualify the headline on Jim Lucachick's letter ("No one can exempt themselves from energy use," published May 6). Most of us can choose who delivers our energy. My retired wife and I recently installed a grid-tied solar photovoltaic system. We live on very limited income, probably would be considered poverty level, but our need to own the means of production was an overriding factor in our decision.

Down here in the southeast corner of Minnesota, it's frac sand that the carbonistas are after. We live in a beautiful unglaciated area of mixed hardwoods that the oil barons would turn into desert. That's what I choose to protect against. Foolish tariffs against foreign panels won't stop the energy revolution that's going on globally.

Oil and coal have had their moments in history. And while they still play a role in global energy use, we must ensure that their exit from the energy stage is both controlled and planned. It begins with a carbon tax, not by permitting another foolish pipeline. Let the pipeline-istas remove dangerous (that would be most, if not all) pipelines and then petition for new lines.

One would hope that our elected officials would value our water and collective environment more than oil.

Brian Lavelle

Spring Grove, Minn.