The homeless individuals I work with face staggering barriers every day just to find a place to lay their head. I’ve also seen firsthand the generosity and compassion of our communities. I’m writing to inform community members about an initiative at the legislature that will help people experiencing homelessness.

Where we live impacts every aspect of our lives; the groceries we buy, where our kids go to school, and what jobs we can access. They why bonds for housing aren’t just an investment in homes, but an investment in jobs, education, economic development and the entire community. To make our communities strong, we need Homes for All. The 2018 bonding request is $140 million in bonds for homes, which would develop and build housing for over 4,650 households across Minnesota.

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I encourage the legislature to approve a bonding bill that includes bonds for housing. And I encourage community members to contact your legislators to encourage support.

Together, we can make sure everyone has a place to live.

Shannon Lee , Mahnomen, is a family development/housing case worker for Mahube-Otwa Community Action Partnership.