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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Students have much to learn by taking civic action

I am angered by the decision of school officials to cancel plans for a 17-minute Bemidji High School student walkout on March 14, to honor those killed in the recent Parkland shooting.

The reason they give is that the walkout would interfere with the student's learning.

What the students can learn from participating in a nationwide stand against gun violence in our schools surpasses what they can learn in an hour or two in the classroom.

The 17-minute walkout would give them a learning experience, teach them what it means to live in a democracy, and be able to take civic action when they believe it is important.

Parkland students are getting national attention for their efforts, which is more than adults have been able to do after past shootings. These young people have it right, and I applaud teacher Bernard's willingness to help them express their vision, their views, on a matter of grave concern to them all -- how to feel safe in their own school.

The next school could be ours.

Thank you, Ms. Bernard, for having faith in our student's wisdom, and their wish to be heard by the adult world, which they will soon be entering.

Janet Enquist