LETTER TO THE EDITOR: District staff should not only support walkout, but lead it


Bemidji Area Schools Superintendent Jim Hess is wrong.

The time for talking is over. It is now time for action. Declare a snow day and make it up later, if days are not still available. If the school district does not support this action, it does not support, or care for, student and teacher safety at a school that is indeed isolated and vulnerable. District staff should not just support the demonstration, but lead it. The whole community should be there.

"Before school or during homerooms" are not the places to talk. Students and teachers don't need to exchange information. What would be said?

Students and teachers would say they don't feel safe. They don't want to die.

Then Hess would say those at the district understand. You and your teachers are afraid. Don't worry, we will protect you. Go about your normal routine. Stay in school. Your education is far more important than your lives. You don't need to publicly demonstrate your fears and concerns for your safety. Just stay in small groups and whisper quietly among yourselves. Do not make a spectacle of yourselves (and the school district).

School administrators are not in peril. None of them have ever been near a school shooting.

Kendra Olson