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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: At some point each of us make take a stand

There is a point after which ordinary political discourse becomes an obscenity. Ad nauseam excuses by political game players become a witness to our civil and spiritual decay. We are at that point in our nation. We have become a society and culture of death. For the sake of appeasing the NRA, a principal backer of the Republican party, we are willing to sacrifice our children to the Moloch of the gun lobby and the mammon of blood money.

Every politician who is bought and paid for by the NRA shares the guilt with the wielders of automatic weapons. Yet these same Republicans want a wall for a threat that doesn't really exist. Meanwhile the party of feeding the rich gluts itself on human sacrifice. We have so-called Christians supporting a president whose latest budget epitomizes the culture of death. Cutting Medicare and Medicaid for the ostensible purpose of balancing the budget (after having already contracted unspeakable deficits for the sake of giving tax breaks to the wealthiest) is literally passing laws that will murder the old, the infirm and the sickly. These are silent murders but every bit as heinous as mass shootings.

Moreover, this is a party dubious of education which wants an uninformed electorate susceptible to manipulation and mindless patriotism. At some point each of us make take a stand -- not for party, or country, but for good or evil. For the sake of the 17 children who died in Florida (one instance among so many to which we have become numbed), for the sake of our responsibility to our children and our parents, for the sake of whatever decency still remains in our culture of violence, we must recognize and call out the purveyors of murder -- in the Republican controlled White House and Congress; in the polluters, the arms dealers, and the NRA -- who have made America a mockery to the world and a shame to those who are still capable of shame.

Our nation seems increasingly affectless in the face of injustice, exploitation, endless massacres, endless lies from the party of "alternate facts," and indifferent to the daily coarsening of a society distracted by sports, entertainment, and a spiritually empty religiosity that ignores, excuses or even abets the evils by which we are encompassed.

Stephen Gurney