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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: It’s not Trump alone who threatens this country

In response to a recent letter (Jan. 28) suggesting that dislike of Trump obscures his achievements, the following should be considered.

First the economic boom is worldwide and began during the Obama administration. Still,the majority of Americans without pensions, stocks or IRAs, the 61 percent who face bankruptcy in the event of a medical crisis, or those who must work unremittingly to keep afloat,evidently are not worth considering when it comes to a Republican appraisal of our economic well-being. The absence of health care, child care and college tuition which every civilized country provides is fine as long as Republican pockets are stuffed.

Trump is also extolled for moving the U.S.embassy to Jerusalem. Not only does this make peace between Arabs and Israelis more remote, it also threatens a two-state solution that would alone enable Israel to sustain its identity as a Jewish state even as it alienates Muslims around the world and destroys our position as a fair broker for peace. In any case, the decision to move the embassy to Jerusalem was crassly calculated to shore up Republican evangelical support.

Moreover "Haaretz," a distinguished Israeli newspaper, opposes the move as do most Reform and Conservative Jews. Only fundamentalists in the three Abrahamic faiths support this: Evangelicals who support Trump, a minority of Orthodox Jews and, paradoxically, a small group of extremist Muslims who hope to benefit from justified Arab resentment.

Trump's judicial appointments are equally calamitous. When not considered unfit by the American Bar Association, these all white conservative male judges will follow a racist, sexist, misogynistic agenda while trashing consumer protections.

Finally, Trump's deregulations of industry will only worsen climate change to the point where the future of our planet and our children is imperiled.

Not Trump alone threatens this country, but also the Republican sycophants who, as columnist Dana Milbank observed, "are willing to redefine morality as whatever Trump does." Attacking the press and our democratic institutions, dividing to conquer by means of racist language which pits citizen against citizen, walking roughshod over all vestigial sense of decency we still possess (has there been any outcry against Trump's affair with a porn star at the time of his wife's pregnancy?) are tactics we are supposed to accept for economic gain of the privileged few. For Trump's complacent followers, the expansion of their bank accounts seems to justify the moral bankruptcy, economic injustice, and political corruption of the United States.

Stephen Gurney