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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Background check process is the real problem

I am responding to a letter to editor from Kathleen Eggers of Bemidji (Nov. 10). Kathleen makes a good point when she said the gunman should never have had a gun in the first place. That is not the gun’s fault. The fault starts with the background check process. It seems the information regarding many of the gunmen of these mass murders comes out in the media rather quickly. We hear of them being mentally ill and having criminal records before. So why aren't the background checks denying these people guns? The information is there and readily available with modern day technology. Someone there is not doing their job and should be held responsible for these victims. That is not the gun’s fault. That is what the president is talking about when he claims it is a mental health issue.

Kathleen states guns kill but she also states it takes a human being to pull the trigger. Good point. Again, don't blame the gun.

Let’s also think about the fact that the killings in Fort Hood a few years back were done with a military issue by someone who was supposed to be protecting us. The cold-blooded murder of Justine Damond in Minneapolis by Mohamed Noor a few months ago was with a police-issued gun. Another supposedly protecting us. The laws are already in place, however the establishment only wants to enforce what suits them politically.

We all sympathise with the victims, but what about the other victims? Look at 9/11, no guns used; the man who drove a truck down a walking path in New York, no gun; the pipe bomber in Boston a few years ago, no gun; the stabbing in a New York subway recently, no gun. The one thing in common was they were all committed by a human being. So why ban guns that millions of people use properly because of a few who should not have them in the first place? Maybe we should just ban human beings.

Raymond Weidenborner