A few salient responses to Fulton Gallagher’s opinion letter (July 28) and to Byron York’s opinion column (July 12) in the Pioneer come to mind.

Not so surprisingly, the U.S. economy is doing better than it has in 50 years. Employment is the best it’s been, especially for low-income folks, and wages have advanced faster than ever before. So, yes, any fifth-grader can see that we’re better off than we were before Trump came into the presidency. I do seem to recall some promise to “Make America Great Again” that evidently is being kept. Interestingly, Trump’s adversaries now warn that Trump’s personal morality and his manners are more important than his performance in public office and our (America’s) welfare.

This is an objection brought by political opponents who’ve always advocated breaking the rules and changing them. Holding Trump’s feet to the fire of existing rules of etiquette while Trump’s accusers are aggressively campaigning to change those rules along with all others, and to cavalierly violate them clearly identifies a supremacy movement here. Well, this is Liberal Progressivism.

For those who don’t know it already, the Democratic Party has been overtaken by progressivism. The party isn’t what we all passionately supported just a few years ago (myself included), not at all. Progressivism isn’t about individual liberty; it’s about despotic dictatorship based on the belief that government knows what’s best for us all and must forcibly enforce it. Included here is the push for socialism to replace free enterprise so as to facilitate government control as it is implemented in Cuba, Somalia, Nigeria and other totalitarian dictatorships where newly elected Democrats have roots. And the race card plays nicely here, as the champions of progressivism could be poster children depicting immigrant people of color. The U.S. is ripe for their political harvest.

Liberal Progressivism does offer a time-tested plan for the United States to advance to third-world status, utterly desperate and totally dependent on first-world China, Japan and Korea. We could be like Somalia if we try hard enough. So there’s that.

Please think about it.