President Trump’s response to the children suffering at the southern border is as follows: “if (they) don't like … the conditions … at the detention (centers), tell them not to come. Let them go home. All problems solved.” He furthermore observed that their "living conditions are better than at home." Apart from its inhuman callousness, his statement nullifies the argument that the refugees are not asylum seekers. For one can imagine few conditions worse than being reduced to herded animals devoid of human attributes -- a condition which they now face as a result of our government's dehumanizing policies. To characterize anyone's protest against the atrocities committed at our border as "complaining" is to trivialize what every American with a conscience should react to with the horror it deserves.

The brave veterans who fought and died for this country in World War II would doubtless be appalled to see that Trump and his policies increasingly resemble the regimes they fought. One's patriotism under the present circumstances calls for critical judgment and civil protest. When the first Jewish children were torn from their families in Hitler's Germany, few or no Germans protested. As children are torn from their families by our own state-sponsored brutality, all Americans should protest policies inconsistent with the values we cherish.

Trump's domestic and foreign policies are similarly disastrous. Notwithstanding the rise in employment, many American families are working two or three jobs to make ends meet and face bankruptcy if faced with a major illness. In short, the quality of life has declined. If there are fewer children on food stamps, it is owing to Trump's having raised the financial bar to qualify for this benefit. This is also true of school lunches. Fewer children on food stamps mean more children who go to bed hungry. Trump has refused to address the crisis in our electoral system by countering Russian aggression and flatters dictators opposed to our values across the world. As the world burns, he has abrogated the last shreds of EPA regulations, denying scientific evidence for climate change. The majority of American Jews oppose Trump's border policy and the move of the American embassy to Jerusalem as it threatens a two-state solution and the values endemic to Jewish tradition. Moreover, bigotry and racism have now become a staple of Trump's tweets and rallies.

To support Trump is, morally, self-stigmatizing.