I was saddened, surprised and sorry to read two recent letters to the editor from former colleagues whom expressed what I would call downright hatred and vilification of President Trump. Their letters speak so negatively about the person Mr. Trump and not at all about his accomplishments or failures as president. So, as a counterpoint, allow me to write about Trump’s record over the past 30 months.

Here in America, the economy is roaring; more Americans are now employed than ever recorded; unemployment claims have hit a 49-year low; median household income is at the highest level ever recorded; about 4 million Americans have been lifted off food stamps; the Obamacare individual mandate penalty is gone. The president signed the “Right to Try” legislation; he has also signed the VA Choice Act and related legislation; and, has dramatically increased spending to fight opioid abuse.

Overseas, our allies have upped their contributions to NATO; North Korea is no longer shooting missiles over Japan or threatening us with missiles; tariffs have been imposed on China for stealing our technology and other intellectual property; and, he has moved our embassy to Jerusalem, an event other presidents promised, but never did during their administrations.

Are there some failures by the Trump administration? Probably. But I would prefer the detractors of Trump spell them out for us rather than engaging in negative, salacious attacks on him as a person.