Great investigative journalism by Austin Monteith and Micah Friez regarding the BSU "Broken Trust" article.

I applaud the Bemidji Pioneer for bringing this story to light on the front page, and recognizing itself as a valuable resource for local information. We must also acknowledge the bravery of the student-athletes who, at their own peril, came forward over and over again attempting to right a wrong. The women had much to lose by doing so, and yet brought their grievances to BSU Director of Athletics Tracy Dill.

It appears that not only did Dill fail to instruct them on proper channels for grievances, Dill gave them the impression that the infractions by BSU softball coach Rick Supinski would be addressed by Dill himself. The response by BSU President Faith Hensrud in Friday's Pioneer implied blame toward the student-athletes for not following proper protocol of reporting harassment. Remember what it's like to be 20-years-old, frightened, vulnerable, and in fear of losing the future you've strived for? Leading from a position of compassion and kindness requires great strength, but is timely and always worth it. Let's assume we've not seen the end of this issue, and more action by BSU will be forthcoming.

And to the fullest extent possible, this information will be brought to light to the public.