First and foremost, thank you to the Bemidji Pioneer for the excellent journalism involved in the story of the BSU softball coach and the way the administration handled that whole situation.

What a horrible experience for those young students and players. After reading the entire article, including the interviews with former players, it is clear that Director of Athletics at BSU should be fired or resign.

The athletic director was hired in 2013 and was involved in the first "paid administrative leave" that coach Rick Supinski received in 2014 for allegedly messaging BSU women's hockey players. Players later met with the athletic director in spring 2018 and fall 2018, and still the athletic director did nothing. Ultimately, at least part of this entire situation could have been avoided if the athletic director had done his job. If BSU truly cares about their students and the young women at the college, they will fire Director of Athletics Tracy Dill. Anything less than terminating his employment would be unacceptable, and as an alumna, I would seriously think about permanently cutting ties with BSU if this is not taken care of soon.

P.S. Thanks to the young women willing to talk about this and share your story with the Bemidji Pioneer. That is an extremely brave thing to do and anyone who truly cares about BSU and the future of the university is thankful for your courage.

Sincerely, a concerned BSU alumna.