Something is afoot in the USA. This year, several states’ legislatures have made big moves on abortion -- some passing laws allowing abortion up to birth and even after birth, which is infanticide (an abomination!). On the other hand, some states are banning abortion altogether (praise God!). One side is screaming “be proud of your abortion!,” while the other side is humbly admitting “I deeply regret my abortion because I know now what I have done.”

We’re reaching a fever pitch in this country over abortion. And rightly so; there are a growing number of good and compassionate people who will not rest until abortion is banned in every state. After all, who can sit by while innocent human beings are being killed in our midst? Our modern-day media relishes in suppressing the truth regarding abortion. However, there have been two movies released recently that very accurately portray what the abortion industry is really about. One is “Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer,” a true story about a notorious abortionist from Philadelphia (who is now in prison), who routinely killed born-alive babies and had a rank and filthy practice where women would get STD’s as a result of his using unclean instruments on them during their abortion. The other movie is “Unplanned,” the true story of a young woman, Abby Johnson, who rose in the ranks of a Texas Planned Parenthood abortion facility to being the director -- only to find the multitude of lies that she had been fed surrounding the business.

These are must-see movies that are changing hearts and minds because they reveal the truth about abortion! Fortunately, we know that the truth will be victorious in the end, and that is why the battle is heating up.