With regard to a recent commentary from Winona LaDuke titled “Hijacking Democracy” (July 10) stating that Minnesotans for Line 3 is actually a front group for Enbridge since its conception.

I’m sorry Winona, you are wrong again.

Since the proposed Sandpiper pipeline, LaDuke has been spreading misleading and blatantly false information through her newspaper commentaries. My brother, Bob Schoneberger, knew someone had to counter these false publications and make an effort to get the facts and data to the public. Bob had a unique position as a bonafide expert with over 35 years in the oil and gas industry. He started “United Piping Inc.” with his partners in 1997 after leaving Enbridge. He and his company are among the first to partner with Indigenous people by training and giving them jobs in the pipeline industry.

It was his desire to keep the facts out front that created www.Minnesotansforline3.com. He was joined by 50-plus businesses during its announcement in 2017. In its early stages, many within Enbridge were nervous about Bob’s initiative. He was not their direct spokesman.

He, along with the state Public Utilities Commission, recognized that a new state-of-the-art replacement of Line 3 was needed. The facts are the facts. It is the safest mode of transportation of a product that will find its way to market. Its replacement benefits everyone, even those who protest it. It is a private investment that will create thousands of jobs and spread millions of dollars to the communities. Enbridge did not start MN4L3. . . naturally, they joined it because of its effectiveness of getting the truth out. You should join, too.

LaDuke, stop hijacking the truth. If you or your front-groups want seats at the PUC meetings you will have to get up earlier to park your bus out front before hard working Minnesotans “occupy” parking spots. Rein in the disruptive activists from parts unknown to have a civil discussion. Don’t attack the credibility of the University of Minnesota Duluth because the facts don’t align with the agenda that pays your salary.

Bob would smile today for having the professional protesters feel that they should attack the organization he created. He would say “It’s working.” Delaying is their agenda, not ours… so let’s get to work.

My entire family and I want to thank the thousands of Minnesotans for supporting this organization by displaying their MN4L3 signs in the yards across the state. Thanks, Bob, we miss you.